Conference : 2006 Subtropical Green Building International Conference
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  Taiwan is working hard on the relation between UNEP, iiSBE, WGBC, CIB, and other international organizations in order to extend and to update the knowledge of sustainable building in the hot-humid conditions. By organizing SB2002, SB2004, and SB2005 through the recent years, Taiwan is gradually improving on implementing the 9 green building indicators. As between countries, the international organization networks and conferences may be the important social platforms of exchanging knowledge and experience. Continuously, the Architecture and Building Research Institute (ABRI) of Ministry of the Interior is organizing the Subtropical Green Building International Conference this year in Taipei and Kaohsiung respectively. By following 9 green building indicators, the 2006 Subtropical Green Building International Conference is bringing up the issue of energy saving analysis to curtain wall performance, interior assessment and the development of nano-hyper liquid titan cleaning technology in the hot humid conditions, discussing with experts from Canada, Singapore and Hong Kong. Due to Taiwan has more than 800 green building existed, the government is constantly seeking for the better method to upgrade the subtropical green building standards and to update the information of the current green building development worldwide.

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