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Posted by admin on 2011/3/23 10:00:53 (16156 reads)

Under such a policy-driven condition, the development of green building in the private sector still needs to be improved. Therefore, the Architecture and Building Research Institute (ABRI) initiated the Taiwan Green Building Council. The local application was first approved on October 21, 2004. Through a few months of preparation, the Taiwan Green Building Council was officially launched on January 21, 2005 as the member congress was held. Members elected the Director General of the ABRI, Mr. Chiang-Pi Hsiao, as the first president of the council. In the congress, the ¡§By-Laws of Taiwan Green Building Council¡¨ was formally passed. The mission statement of Taiwan Green Building Council particularly focuses on the development in the construction industry, including to extensively promote green buildings, to facilitate international cooperation, and to assist the globalization of the construction industry of Taiwan.

Seriously looking back on the progress in recent environmental protection around the world, its related actions undoubtedly need further consolidation despite the slogan Sustainable Development roaring through the air. Therefore, Taiwan Green Building Council must continuously enhance and accelerate the environmental protection work based on our current hard-won achievements of green building development. Otherwise, we would not be able to advance toward sustainability, but to struggle with survivability instead.

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