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What is Green Building

Posted by:Admin on 2011-11-18

What is Green Building?

    The term "Green Building" has different names, definitions, and connotations in various countries. Taking Japan as an example, the early development of green building is referred to as "Environmental Symbiotic Housing," which includes three levels: "Preservation of the Earth's Environment," "Harmony with the Surrounding Environment," and "Healthy and Comfortable Living Environment."

    In European countries, green building is known as "Ecological Building" or "Sustainable Building," emphasizing ecological balance, conservation, biodiversity, resource recycling, renewable energy, and energy efficiency as key aspects of sustainable development. In the United States, Canada, and similar countries, it is simply called "Green Building," focusing on improving energy efficiency, energy conservation, responsible resource and material use, indoor air quality, and environmental resilience.

    Although the content of "Green Building" varies based on the energy, resource, and environmental conditions of different countries, the overall consensus is to reduce environmental impact and achieve symbiosis, prosperity, and mutual benefit with the environment. In summary, the concept of green building emphasizes sustainable architectural design from an Earth-friendly perspective, striving for comprehensive and systematic environmentally friendly design.

    Therefore, the definition of "Green Building" can be summarized as follows: "Building design based on human health and comfort, aiming for symbiosis and prosperity with the Earth's environment and sustainable development of the human living environment." It is important to note that green building design concepts need to be adjusted based on climate conditions, national situations, and other factors, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

    Currently, there are approximately 26 green building assessment systems worldwide. Taiwan is the fourth country to implement a scientifically quantified green building assessment system, following the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada. It is also the only system that is independently developed and suitable for tropical and subtropical regions.

    In summary, green building refers to buildings that "consume the least amount of Earth's energy and resources, produce the least amount of waste, and have ecological, energy-saving, and health characteristics." It is an environmental design approach that prioritizes human health and comfort, conducting comprehensive and systematic environmental design for living environments, and is a design philosophy that emphasizes symbiosis with the Earth's environment and pursues sustainable development.