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The first phase of Taiwan Green Building policy in "Green Building Promotion Program" has been driven with the outstanding results. Taiwan has implemented the excellent policy in Sustainable Building and has been approved and praised by the International Green Building Organizations in promoting Sustainable Development and Green Building.
In recent years, international organizations such as UNEP, iiSBE, WGBC and CIB has organized relevant international conferences, such as SB2002, SB2005, etc; In the activities, the promotion of Green Building concept, knowledge guidance and achievement is more effectively to further integration; In November 2007, A number of delegations from building industries, governments, academic institutes and research units attended WGBC Annual Congress in Chicago-United States which delivered three issues focused on “Taiwan Goes Green”, more specific in creating Taiwan competitiveness, domestic green building research, and step-by-step emerged the international level.
Presently, the first phase of “Green Building Promotion Program" is mainly controlled by the public-sector-based policies. The next phase will effectively encourage active participation from private industry in green building to continue the development of green building and expand to ecological community or ecological city. This project is developed in order to achieve the goal of sustainable country whether for international practice or for the implementation of eco-city towards green building program.
Therefore, the target of this two-year project is focus on sustainable and sequent operations to deal international interaction. This project will continue the achievement of Subtropical Green Building International Conference hold in 2007 and suit the schedule of SB2008. In 2009, the international conference ”Green Building and Toward Eco-City 2009” will be held in Taiwan. In this conference, each country’s representatives of building industries, governments, academic institutes and research units will be invited to share and exchange their experiences. At the same time, promote Green Building and Ecological Communities Development in Taiwan, encourage the research and development of private industry, and provide the examples for the sustainable environment education for Tropical countries.

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