Taiwan Green Building Council2008 Member’s Representative Congress

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Subject: The 2nd Session and the 2nd Board Meeting of Taiwan Green Building Council 
  Time: 2008-02-21 (Thursday) 
  2008 Work Plan 
  Publish the 4th and 5th edition of Green Building Magazine. 
  Participate in international standards activities of world green building organizations 
  (1)2008 World Green Building Council Congress (2/26~2/28 London-UK) 
  (2)SB08: World Sustainable Building Conference (9/21~9/25 Melbourne-Australia) 
  (3)Vice Chairman Cheng as member of WGBC will attend the establishment of the China Green Building Council and China Green Building Expo (3/31~4/1 Beijing-China) 
  (4)U.S Green Building Council (USGBC) 2008 Greenbuild International Conference and Expo (11/19~11/21 Boston-USA) 
  (5)Pay the annual fee of Taiwan representative of World Green Building Council (2008~). 
  3.Upgrade the information content of Green Building website. 
  4. Promote Taiwan Green Building toward Eco-city Training Courses and Seminars. 
  5. Organize Taiwan Green Building Visiting Program. 
  6. Implementation of project plan.

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