2009 Conference on Green Building.Towards Eco-City

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October 11-14,2009 
  Abstracts Submission Due Date: March 15,2009 
  Welcome to join the 2009 Conference on Green Building.Towards Eco-City that will be held on October 11 to 14, 2009 in Taipei, Taiwan. 
  Taiwan, following the global pulse in pursuing a sustainable living environment, has been striving to establish a comprehensive green building promotion mechanism for the subtropical region for more than a decade. Today, in order to respond to the greater challenge of global environmental change that lies ahead, we are calling for cross-disciplinary solutions, successful practices, community actions, joint efforts, and creative ideas to elicit innovative green building schemes and to enrich the way connecting green building initiatives to eco-city development. We hope that through the knowledge-transfer platform of the conference and the contributions provided by all the stakeholders we may have better insights into the changing world and adopt concrete actions to protect the planet in which we are dwelling. 
  We look forward to meeting you in Taipei and believe that your participation will make the event unique and the interchange more fruitful. 
Papers covering current research, design innovation, product applications and solutions, as well as case studies and critical evaluations are invited within the following topics: 
1. Green Building Policy and Initiative
2. Building and Energy Saving
3. Water Resources and Ecological Environment
4. Waste Reduction
5. Indoor Environment Quality
6. Evaluation Systems and Tools
7. Eco-technology and Program Planning Theories
8. Educational Training and Strategies
9. Sustainable Urban Renewal and Planning
10. Eco-city Related Issues
Authors are invited to submit an abstract (not exceeding 300 words) 
  for consideration by the Scientific committee. 
  All abstracts must be in English with Microsoft Word or Adobe Reader format (*.doc or .PDF) and the file name should present the author's name. 
  Please send to the technical secretariat Ms. Liao, Ling-Mei, e-mail address:gbtec.liao@gmail.com due to March 15, 2009. 
For more information about the call for papers or this conference, please contact: Website: www.hv.com.tw
  Ms. Liao, Ling-Mei 
  Tel: +886 2 27376244 
  Fax: +886 2 27376721 
  E-mail: gbtec.liao@gmail.com

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